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“The Bird and the Sword” by Amy Harmon


Was it only last week that I discovered Amy Harmon??? Yes, it was.  And a huge thanks goes out to Goodreads for popping this author up on my recommended lists.  I have binge read 3 of her books in 3 days (would have been more, but I was driving all day Saturday).  Let me start by stating that I love the writing style of Amy Harmon.  She is easy to read, the story flows wonderfully and there were virtually no errors (which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine).  Now on to the story…

The Story: This story is a fantasy story.  I generally don’t read or enjoy the fantasy genre, but the sample I downloaded to my Kindle pulled me right in.  “The Bird and the Sword” is about a land that made it illegal to own four “gifts”.  Telling, Spinning, Changing, and Healing are the gifts and having them leads to death.  After watching her mother die at a young age for being a teller, Lark spends her life unable to speak (and thanks to her father, unable to read or write).  Tiras is the new king and is leading the fight to save is lands from creatures bent on destroying them.  Thrown together, they learn to work as a team and fall in love.

Hero/Heroine: Lark is lovely.  So many times I find the female lead to be a whiny, trifling thing.  Lark was anything but that.  She was genuine, and strong despite her limitations.  She was unafraid and was fierce when protecting those she loved.  Tiras grew emotionally throughout the entire novel.  I love his strength and generosity.

Characters: There were a few other characters that enhanced the story.  Amy Harmon was thoughtful in not overflowing the story with unnecessary characters and I appreciated that.  It made the characters stronger.

Editing: as previously stated, the editing on this book was excellent.  I enjoyed the flow of the story as well as the correct grammar and spelling.

Final Thoughts: I highly recommend this story.  Even if you don’t usually read fantasy, check this story out.  You will not be disappointed.

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I am an avid book reader and have instilled that love of books in my two sons. My sisters and I have shared books for years and our love for reading. I started reading quite young and have been immersed in literature ever since. My favorite genres are New Adult, Young Adult, Mystery and comedy. My favorite book is a tie between "Easy" by Tammara Webber and "Maybe Someday" by Colleen Hoover. I love the works by Tiffany King, Tammara Webber, Erica Stevens, Lisa Renee Jones, Chelsea M. Cameron, and many more. I am very much a book snob though. If a book doesn't draw me in within the first few chapters, I am done with it.

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