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Take It Off Series by Cambria Hebert


Melissa gives this series “2 Thumbs UP!”

I had the amazing opportunity to meet and eat with Cambria Hebert two weeks ago.  Prior to this dinner, I had not heard of her or her amazing stories.  I was so taken by her enthusiasm and passion during this dinner, that i bought a book from her the next day.


So, what is a blogger to do, but go home and download the e-book that she just purchased in paperback (what?, you know you do it too).  Then I read every other book by this fabulous author and now I am going to tell you about her series “Take It Off”.

What I loved about this series: Her men!!! OMJeez!  Cam is by far my favorite, but all the men are perfectly brilliant.  They are normal, hard working men who are real.  And hawt. And described wonderfully.  Cambria has a way of creating characters that are well rounded and lovable.  Their careers range from part-time bartender/surfer to cop to fire fighter to pilot, etc. They all are kind and protective and generous but realistically so.  One of my pet peeves are men that are unattainable to a normal person.  A billionaire that falls for his maid and such.  I want to feel like I could grab onto my book boyfriend and keep him.

What I liked about this series: The humor.  The series is written in first person (with some of the books written in dual POV’s), and the humor really shines through in moments.  It is almost like the character knows you are reading her story and talks directly to the reader.  It is very well done and adds a touch of lightness to stories that are riddled with bad things (kidnapping, attempted rape, drug deals, murder, etc.).

What I didn’t really like about this series: The meet-cute/plot.  In several of the stories, the plot bordered on preposterous.  For example, in the first book “Torch”, the woman is awakened to find herself strapped to a chair in a burning.  The fireman that rescues her catches her eye during her hospital stay and she is turned on while in immense pain. Um, no.  NOT buying that cup of tea.  But it doesn’t detract much from the overall love story and I overlooked it each and every time I found an inconsistency.  Oh, and Cambria (if you are reading this), I am a branch manager for a credit union.  We cannot allow anyone into their safe box without their key and ID.  Even if we waive the ID portion, it takes the banks key and the customers key to unlock the box.  Otherwise, it has to be drilled open.  And another note (just cause it bothered me), if a bank were to waive the ID for the safe box, then they would generally waive the ID for a withdrawal (most banks have copies of ID’s on their system anyway for cases like this).  Just saying, the more you know. 🙂

As far as editing goes, there were a few errors.  Not major, but the editing did leave a little something to be desired.  Dom in “Tipsy” was written Dome,  a few misspelled words or hanging sentences.  Spoken word that wasn’t in quotations.  That kind of stuff.

Overall, I enjoyed this series so much and I look forward to reading more by this amazing author.

About Melissa

I am an avid book reader and have instilled that love of books in my two sons. My sisters and I have shared books for years and our love for reading. I started reading quite young and have been immersed in literature ever since. My favorite genres are New Adult, Young Adult, Mystery and comedy. My favorite book is a tie between "Easy" by Tammara Webber and "Maybe Someday" by Colleen Hoover. I love the works by Tiffany King, Tammara Webber, Erica Stevens, Lisa Renee Jones, Chelsea M. Cameron, and many more. I am very much a book snob though. If a book doesn't draw me in within the first few chapters, I am done with it.

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