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I was totally slacking recently and while on the interwebs I found an app for my phone called Litsy (look up sweetmaggie1996 to follow me). So, I am looking around … Continue reading

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New Release by Carey Heywood

Why Lie? People here think they know me. They assume things about me because of the way I dress and my tattoos. I am so much more. I thought you … Continue reading

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“The Bird and the Sword” by Amy Harmon

Was it only last week that I discovered Amy Harmon??? Yes, it was.  And a huge thanks goes out to Goodreads for popping this author up on my recommended lists.  … Continue reading

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“Marry Screw Kill” by Liv Morris

I had this book in my TBR file for quite a while.  I am not sure what kept me waiting to download it unless it was the title.  Between the … Continue reading

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“Felony Ever After” by a lot of authors…

Good morning.  Just finished this AH-MAZING book…  Actually, this book might’ve finished me for all books (at least temporarily). Hudson, Hudson, Hudson.  What a lovely hero.  He is everything that … Continue reading

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“A Dangerous Bargain” by J. S. Scott

Hmmm.  I know not where to start on this.  The book really started good.  I liked the idea of ‘not bad/not good’ demons put here to keep the ‘evils’ from … Continue reading

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“Touched” by Elisa S. Amore

I received an e-copy in exchange for an honest review. Sadly, I have to put this book in my DNF column of reads.  I can’t quite put my finger on … Continue reading

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“F*ck Love” by Tarryn Fisher

Wow!  Just Wow.  I read this book in like four hours.  I was emotionally wrecked from the start.  Helena is our story teller.  She is a ‘beige bitch’ and almost … Continue reading

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“Christmas from Hell” by R.L. Mathewson

Let me start off by saying that I have fallen in LOVE with R. L. Mathewson and her novels.  This series and the Pyte/Sentinel series are my current faves. As … Continue reading

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A new Love… R. L. Mathewson

I will post a full review later, but I wanted to share an author that I just discovered that I am deeply thrilled with… R. L. Mathewson has written several … Continue reading

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